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How to Make a Website

An introduction for beginners

Anyone can have their own website, after a few simple steps you can be up and running.

1. You need to decide on a domain name and register it at www.LonghornDomains.com. When they request you enter your Name server information please use the following if you plan to host with us.


2. Next you need to sign up for hosting service, this is done by filling out the form here. That page will ask you to fill out a form, it will then send you to a page to select your payment plan, next you will be taken to paypal who will process your payment and automatically charge you for your subscription until you cancel. Payment is made over a secure server, using either credit card or electronic check.

3. Even before you start your plan, you can begin designing and creating your website. There are many ways to do this. Pages on the internet are written in what is called HTML. To create a document in HTML you can use software such as Microsoft Word and then select the save as HTML option. Other software that also creates HTML documents are Frontpage, Publisher, GoLive, and Dreamweaver (the best). You may also learn HTML yourself at any of the many online tutorials available, it is very simple. The first page you need to create is the page your visitors will see when they first visit your site, it should be named index.html . There are many professionally pre-made website templates available for those who desire it.

4. Next you will upload your new index.html file to the appropriate place. This also can be done in one of several ways. Your account will have a directory titled public_html . All of your documents will go in that directory.

  • You may use FTP software such as Cute FTP or WS_FTP on windows, or Fetch for Macintosh, all of which are shareware.
  • You can also upload your file by using our web based file management. By logging into your site's control panel you navigate to the file manager and follow the instructions to upload your file.
  • On some operating systems such as Win 2000 you can log into your account directly from your desktop. By typing in ftp.yourdomain.com into any windows explorer window it will then prompt you for your username and password, after which it is just a matter of drag and drop, copying files just like you always do.

You may update your site as often as you like. Of course these instructions are just the basics. There are many resources on the internet that will teach you how to develop more advanced websites. After you upload you site, you will want to create Email accounts and/or email forwards. This is done in your account control panel, which also provides links to your webmail (which you should then bookmark so you don't have to log into your control panel to acess it).

That's it! Now you can visit your new home on the web. Please visit the FAQ and Forum to find other helpful tips.


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FTP Software

Fetch for Macintosh- free for students, or download the old version free for anyone.

Cute FTP for Windows

WS_FTP for Windows

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Building Websites

Web Design

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